Returns & Refunds policy

You are entitled to cancel your order within 30 days without giving any reason for doing so.

The deadline for canceling an order is 30 days from the date you received the goods or on which a third party you have appointed, who is not the carrier, takes possession of the product delivered.

In order to exercise your right of cancellation, you must inform the Vendor of your decision by means of a clear statement.

You can inform us of your decision by e-mail

How Refunds Work (Clickbank)

As part of our commitment to quality customer service and satisfaction, ClickBank may approve a return in accordance with our Return and Cancellation Policy. When a sale is returned the customer receives a 100% refund and payouts from that sale are debited back out of the corresponding seller and affiliate accounts. In addition, any future payments for recurring billing products are cancelled.

Product returns are evidence of customer dissatisfaction with product quality or lack of support, and ClickBank wants to encourage sellers to identify and fix any problems to minimize the number of returned sales. Therefore, ClickBank assesses the following return fees: $1.00 for each returned sale where the product price plus shipping equals or exceeds $10.00; $0.50 for each returned sale where the product price plus shipping is less than $10.00. This fee is assessed only on returned initial sales and not on upsells, rebills, or other partial returns. This fee also is not assessed on returns processed on the same calendar date as the sale. Vendor accounts that maintain a refund rate significantly above this amount may be subject to additional fees.

If a customer requests a refund of their purchase, a customer support ticket will be created in the ClickBank Customer Support Ticket System. From there, you as the seller have 24 hours in which to attempt to save the sale by providing support directly to the customer. After that time, ClickBank automatically processes the refund.


Affiliates who promote offers through the WarriorPlus system are responsible for ALL refunds that are processed by the vendor for sales made through their affiliate link, regardless of 'how long' it's been since the original purchase.

When a vendor processes a refund through WarriorPlus, the funds will be automatically deducted from the referring affiliate's account, for the amount that was paid to the affiliate.

How Do I Request a Refund for a Product I Bought on WarriorPlus?

The process for requesting a refund is the same as requesting support. Simply open a ticket through the vendor's support link and request your refund.

SEE: How do I get support for a product sold on WarriorPlus?

NOTE: We cannot and do not 'force' refunds. However, we will notate a vendor's account and if they have repeated complaints about not adhering to refund policies, they will be prohibited from selling on WarriorPlus. We take this issue very seriously.

By following the steps described on the page linked above, you will keep your WarriorPlus account in good standing.


Refunds of a physical product work the same as digital products, as the system will pull back the entire amount of the price paid, including the shipping. The Seller must be able to provide shipping information and delivery confirmation of the product if the customer contacts JVZoo and states that they purchased a physical product, but did not receive it from the Seller. If the Seller cannot provide this information, JVZoo reserves the right to auto refund the product.

JVZoo is not able to process refunds for customers.

JVZoo does not have access to the payment accounts of the product owners to process refunds. JVZoo provides promotional services for individual product owners and does not accept payment from customers. The payments are made directly to the product owner's payment account. Therefore all transactions and refunds are handled between the owner of the product and the purchaser.

You must contact the owner directly or their support to request a refund. You can find the owners support information on the product access page in your JVZoo Customer Account.

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